L'histoire de la marque Lady Wood & Mister Wood Paris
Lady Wood & Mister Wood vous feront voyager en Orient.

To my grandparents Rachel & Victor Wood... 


It all starts in the south of France. There was always in the air this oriental perfume, the saffron and the smell of the wood of our house, I remember it as his first kiss on my forehead. Victor was an outstanding designer and the leather jackets he made were in demand everywhere. With Rachel at his side in the creation he had nothing to fear from his success... 


The love that reigned in this large family inspired my father to create something that would last over time and that his parents could be proud of. This is where it all began, the scents of his childhood remained engraved in him, and his incredible and particularly difficult journey put him on the path to high perfumery. It took magic to design iconic perfumes for more than 30 years, such as Patchouli Tendre Soupir or Rose Bleu du soir. 


Today I have the honor of bearing the name of my grandfather Victor Wood, and also the responsibility that I accept with pleasure to design perfumes of excellence for our loyal customers for all these years. Each of our creations aims to make you discover smells from elsewhere, and to match my oriental origins with my French personality. Among our 50 fragrances, you will inevitably find one that will delight you. 
What matters most to us is communication with our customers, which is why we are always happy to welcome you to our showroom in Paris at 17 rue du Caire 75002 Paris. You will also find representatives of our brands all over the world. 


We are always available to answer all your requests, and we hope that you will always be satisfied with the quality of our jewelry perfumes.

Victor Wood